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miercuri, 18 august 2010

Strawberry Ribbon and Yummy Girl

I'm a lazy, lazy cat

marți, 17 august 2010

Lady knows how to cut and stitch


Happy Birdie Tag


Fabulous Judith

This is for the challenges on
It's Klimt's painting, Judith in black and white.

Youth and Beauty


Charms of a lady

I've made this card for the challenges on:

luni, 16 august 2010

A 5 a provocare

Cu acest carnetel si cutie decorate prin tehnica quilling particip la provocarea a 5 a de pe :

I enter this notebook and box decorated with quilling for the challenge on :

On the bottom of the sea

Tablou realizat prin tehnica servetelului cu rama de scoici
Pret: 15 lei

Hang me on the wall...

Tablouri realizate prin tehnica servetelului
Pret: 10 lei/bucata

sâmbătă, 14 august 2010

Sun flower

Tablou creat prin tehnica servetelului (adica nu l-am pictat eu!...doar l-am lipit ...:))

Pret: 10 lei

I like smart guys! :p

I've made this card for the challenge on
I hope you like it!


vineri, 6 august 2010


For the challenge from and
Thank you Sylvie for the image (