marți, 17 august 2010

Lady knows how to cut and stitch


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  1. This is definitely a cute card, however in order to be in the Totally Tilda Challenge you need to use a Tilda image. Pls come back and join us again with a creation as fun as this with a Tilda image! Keep crafting!

  2. Yes like Corry pointed out Tilda must be on your card for the Totally Tilda challenge or we would have called it Totally anything now wouldn't we !! better luck next time darling
    But your card is lovely
    Hugs Susie Susie xx

    PS I don't know if you know you have word verification switched on, just to let you know that if you have word verification switched on in the future the The Totally Tilda team may not be able to leave you a comment (you might not even know you have it switched on)
    It is so easy to switch off and if you use comment moderation you can still monitor your comments, and if you switch off word verification you will get lots more comments from your readers
    Heres what to do if you don't already know;
    Click customize
    Then click the settings tab
    Then click comments , scroll down to "Show word verification for comments?" and just clock "No"
    At this point if you want to turn on "Comment moderation" you can just fill in this section with your email address etc on the same page, personally I don't have this on either and I don't get any problems
    I hope you don't mind me saying this its just that word verification slows us all up and take the fun out of blogging
    Hugs Susie xx